Here’s How Selling Your Land To Us Works

Step 1Tell us about your property on this site

Step 2We’ll research the property with the information you give us

Step 3We’ll make you an offer on the property, and if you accept it

Step 4We’ll work out the details – and we can close fast


We buy all types of land, including land in urban centers, nearby, or in rural locations; and land for various uses, from building, to subdivision and develop, to recreational use, to inherited properties, etc.get the list of investment properties below

So let us know about your land, and we’ll see what can do to help you find a solution.  have in our inventory (or can access for you).

Timeframe:  Once we get your info, we’re usually able to work quickly to find you the right solution as quickly as you want. Most land sellers are looking to selling 30-45 days.  In some circumstances, we could close in days once we have agreed on the sale.

The traditional method of listing  a piece of property with a Real Estate agent is fine, but can take a very long time to sell.  Most agents in the land space will list your property on MLS and on their own website, and then wait for a buyer to come.  In some counties, I’m seeing some properties sit for 3-4 YEARS waiting for the ‘right’ buyer.  We don’t believe that it should take more than a month to get the funds into your hands.

Do we need a Realtor?  We do not need an agent to close the property.  You are welcome to hire an agent, but we use a simple one page contract and will go over all the details.  We don’t want to sign anything until you are comfortable with the process. Agents charge a commission and we try to save you money by not using an agent when we purchase property.

{please let us know if you have a contract with an agent to sell your property so that we can work with them through the process}.

Will we close with a Title Company?  We may or may not use a title company for the closing of the property.  We will let you know and We will pay ALL the costs of closing and recording the property.  There are times we are able to close by exchanging a deed and Money Order.  If the deed history or price of the property are more complex, then we will often use a Title company to help us out.  They do great work protecting your interest and helping us with the paperwork.

How Do I Sell My Land?  We are glad to answer all your questions and find a solution.  Give us some details about your property and we will get back to you shortly.

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