Pros and Cons of Holding On To Land

        Are you holding on to land? Instead of just letting it sit there, you might want to consider what it is really doing to help you! We can help you explore the pros and cons so you can decide if selling is the right choice for your situation! Pros: Low Purchasing … Continued

How To Sell Land Fast – 4 tips

  Land is Beautiful!  But…. Land is not a liquid investment When you need to pull your cash out of a piece of property, you find that selling vacant land is not easy.  It seems to get even harder when you have to sell the land fast. It is not easy to get your cash … Continued

Finding The Right Person To Buy Your Land

Finding the right person to buy your land can be difficult. The market simply isn’t as large as it is for single-family homes. In our latest post, we offer some tips to sell your land fast! Selling your land can be much different than selling a home. You will need to get the property in … Continued

Determining The Potential Value of Your Land

Do you know the value of your land? It might not be worth what you think it is! There are many potential factors that can increase or decrease the value. Learn more about the proper ways to value your land in our latest post! If you have ever tried to accurately pinpoint the value of a … Continued

How To Sell Vacant Land

How To Sell Vacant Land: 7 Tips

How To Sell Vacant Land: 7 Tips This is the next post in our “How To” series:  “How to Sell Vacant Land” Buying and selling real estate is not new… but that does not make the process easy.  Selling unique real estate is challenging, and one of those challenging areas of real estate is selling … Continued

How To Sell a Lot of Land

A common question we receive is: “How to sell a lot of land?” To answer this question, we have to look at who buys land.  There are two categories of land buyer: Traditional land buyer: The traditional buyer is what we usually think about when we think about buying land.  We think about a person … Continued

3 Pros of Buying Vacant Land for Sale By Owner in Fort Worth

Compared to buying a house, buying land is pretty much hassle free. Because buying land is a lot less complicated, a real estate agent isn’t really such a necessity. You won’t have to pay for and wait for inspections, and without the agent, you don’t have to pay commission fees. And, besides, land is a … Continued

Quick Guide to Buying Land Cheap in Fort Worth

Buying land can be one of the best, easiest, and least cash-intensive ways to getting started in and building a lucrative real estate investing business. But many investors are burdened with a prejudice against investing in land and so don’t see the many benefits. Or maybe they have tried it with poor results because, although … Continued

5 Things to Know Before Buying Vacant Property in Fort Worth

If you study the value of investing, you understand the importance of making smart investments. Even if you do not have a working stock portfolio, you know the importance of looking into the investment opportunities that you are considering before you make the plunge. When it comes to investing in land, buying vacant land is … Continued

Why Buy Land as an Investment in Kansas?

People invest in a lot of things; stocks, bonds, businesses, homes… But often times the benefits of land investment go over-looked. So why buy land? Because it is a safe and steadily appreciating investment that requires little to no maintenance. Check out our latest blog below to learn all about the benefits of land investment! … Continued

Understanding Zoning Regulations

Local governments establish rules and zoning regulations about how land in their jurisdiction can be used.  This will be true at the city level and the state level.  Whether you are looking Texas or Kansas, or somewhere like LA. Most people are aware that there are limits such as what can be built in a residential … Continued