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If you have a plot of land that you need to sell, it can be challenging to find a buyer.  Using an agent has hefty commissions, and can take a long time to sell.  We are currently buying vacant lots / raw land.  

  • Need to Liquidate: Maybe you need to liquidate some land because of sudden expenses:  You will often find that land is hard to get rid of on the traditional market.
  • Inherited Land: Maybe you inherited land and have never seen it, don’t want to pay the taxes, and just need to get rid of it.  Send us your information, and the information about your piece of land and we will
  • Delinquent on Taxes:  If you have been unable to keep up the taxes, we might be able to buy the land and pay off the taxes for you.
  • Need to Sell Faster: Traditional land brokers will list a property and let it sit until a buyer comes. This could take years to sell.  Do you need to sell your land in weeks and not years?
  • Other… let us know what your situation is and we will do everything we can to help you find a solution.

What is Our Buying Criteria?

  • We buy any sized lots or raw land. City Lots, Farm Land, Ranches, etc
  • We prefer vacant or raw land
  • We are offering Cash, or in some cases, we could even arrange a finance deal where you can get paid out over time.
  • Buying land in Texas, Kansas, and surrounding states

We prefer rural land over land in the city/town limits, but we are glad to take a look and see how we can help you.


How Much Can I Expect when I sell you my land?

On average, we pay 1/4 of the county appraised value of a property. If the appraised value is off, please provide the information so we can research your property.  We are buying land all over, and each market is different.

You will pay no commissions, and

we will pay all the closing and recording fees

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What we cannot buy:

  • Land with chemical spills or other biological hazards
  • Land with IRS or other liens that can not be cleared at closing
  • Land with significant debris… we would have to factor in the debris removal and the time it will take to clear the land in our price
  • Lots in an HOA … we can buy these lots, but due to HOA rules / fees / maintenance and building requirements / etc, we must buy at a significant discount

How Fast Can We Close?

On Average, our clients choose to close in 30-60 days. This means from the point the contract is signed, you will have the check in your hand within a few weeks.  You are not having to wait for a buyer to come to you, we will be buying the land directly.


We are always looking for property to buy, so go ahead.  >> Reach out to us Today: (682) 233-5658

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Please note that we also buy homes in and around Fort Worth Texas, as well as in Topeka Kansas.  If you are looking to sell a home, complete the form on our property website: